Ideas Bin

image of people with ideas for improving Dewsbury

There are many things we could do to make Dewsbury a better place.  

​Here's just a few...

What would you suggest?

Here are some bright (maybe!) ideas to get us started.  The priorities of what we decide to do will come out of cooperation between the members of The Dewsbury Partnership. 

Planning & Business

  • Neighbourhood Plan.  Should we have a Neighbourhood Plan to enable us to have more control over the planning process?
  • See: 
  • Consultation. Provide a co-ordinated voice for the people of Dewsbury to respond to local planning issues including the Local Plan.
  • Business Incubator.  A shared office area where start up businesses could work at minimum cost while having the advantage of support from others - plus mentoring from existing business owners.  


  • Promote the Market.  Get the Market connected with
  • Start protecting the historic buildings in the Conservation Area
  • Promote the Conservation Area
  • Identify the problem areas of rubbish disposal that put people off the town centre.
  • Work with Kirklees, landlords and voluntary groups to improve the appearance of empty buildings.
  • Assuming a reduction in street cleaning by Kirklees under budget pressure, create work teams of capable volunteers with transport to clear fly-tipped rubbish and recycle to recover materials of value for community projects.


  • Use FB ads to generate interest.
  • A year-long Festival of ..........................???
  • Carnival?
  • Pop-up open mic music sessions in open spaces (market?  Market Place? even the bandstand? with food stalls. 
  • Restaurant?  We don't have a proper sit-down, evening out restaurant in the town centre any more.  Can we persuade an established restaurateur with a reputation to open up in Dewsbury?

Social Cohesion

  • Religious arguments are usually based on ignorance. Cooperation between Dewsbury clerics of all faiths to produce agreed opinions on how questions of faith interact with the law of the land that can be published here to 'kill a myth a day'.
  • Events themed around music, dance and food of the different ethnic groups we have in the town.  Give small communities the opportunity to show off. 
  • A 'Smart City' idea from Bloomberg Philanthropies to provide information to people in the town via their smartphones - particularly useful for the visually impaired.  See Virtual Warsaw

What's Your Idea?

Drop us a line from the Contact page and we'll add it here.

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