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Registers of Dewsbury, Yorkshire, Vol. 1 9781331957720, Paperback

Dewsbury Through Time - John Ketton & Stuart Hartley

Yorkshire: W Pickles: History of the Wheelwright Grammar Schools Dewsbury 1973

Pocket Images of Dewsbury - Norman Ellis Nonsuch Paperback / softback ISBN 13 9781845882693

First Edition of the Dewsbury Press. Saturday March 9, 2002

Memories Of Dewsbury & Batley Photographs From 1940's To 1970's - Mark Smith / 1900463806

Dewsbury Man - Cliff Moiser (courting 1946-1992)

The Luddites in Yorkshire - James Berry

Chickenley - Our History - Our Story - Hazel Byard and Chickenley Reminiscence Group

Dewsbury As It Was - Christopher Scargill; Richard Lee


Towns and Villages Situated Along the North TransPennine Line: A Collection of Word Search Puzzles Paperback – 5 Apr 2016 - by Lois Courtenay Henderson MA

From Mirfield To Dewsbury 

A production by Yorkshire Arts Circus containing the unvarnished memories of a wide cross-section of the host communities recorded as near verbatim as possible in order to try to convey something of the character and personality of story tellers.  Download from this website.

The Yorkshire Coalfield

By local historians Christine Leveridge and Dave Fordham.  

Thornhill, Ravensthorpe and Mirfield all saw substantial coal mining including major pit disasters.

100s of pictures and illustrations

 ISBN no 978-0-9562864-9-9

One Last Time

A personal history of Mirfield and area by P.F.Pilling published 1977 but researched and probably scanned to pdf in 2005.  The page size seems to indicate it was in foolscap size when first published.

The pdf has then been converted to an audiobook of some 3 hours on Youtube. However, with the text being machine read by computer the voice is far from authentic and sometimes difficult to follow. 

Rhymes of a Dewsbury Lad

By John S Croft.  

A humorous look at life growing up in Northern England through the eyes of the author - told in 71 witty rhymes. A collection of 71 rhymes, featuring illustrations, about the author's family life, nostalgia for the 1950s and 60s, original humorous rhymes and characters including Eileen Fenton MBE and Harold 'Dickie' Bird.

 ISBN no 978-1399903394

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