GoDewsbury.uk is published by The Dewsbury Partnership.

GoDewsbury.uk provides a single point of information for everything that might interest, amuse or entertain the residents and visitors to Dewsbury as well as being a source of useful information relevant to Dewsbury and North Kirklees.

Paired with the My Dewsbury Facebook page and a Twitter account it will provide the means for every organisation in Dewsbury to market its activities to the whole town.

It's only when Dewsbury becomes a 'fun' place again that people will come back to the town centre and breathe life back into this historic town.​


Event Organisers

GoDewsbury is set up so that Event organisers can publish information about their own events absolutely FREE.  That way 'many hands make light work'!​  Check out First Time Publishers to find out how YOU can publish and then edit information about YOUR EVENTS,

Community Groups

Community and support groups can drop me a line using the Contact page​ and I will add your group to the Community/Groups page where people can find you easily.

Publish your own stuff

You can also register as a website user and publish information about your own group.  If you think that is too difficult then take a look around your group members.  You are looking for someone under the age of 20 with their head buried in a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet - they're the one you need to recruit as your publisher. 

And if you have not done so already you can register your support by clicking here.

Why GoDewsbury.uk?

image of MyDewsbury logo

During 2015 there was a consultation exercise sponsored by Kirklees in which the community together with two students of the local art college produced a new visual logo consisting of the word Dewsbury accompanied by the very nice big multicoloured logo seen on the left - and a Facebook Page was started called 'My Dewsbury'.

In a perfect world one would match that name with a website with the same domain name.  Unfortunately, both of the commonly used domain extensions of .co.uk and .com are registered by a local company.  So GoDewsbury.uk is the next best thing. ​

Facebook Comments

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