Flirting With The Past Statues

photo of 2 statues called Flirting with the past in Dewsbury

What Do You Remember About This Pair of Statues?These statues were erected in 2005 according to the plaque let into the paving alongside.  The commemorative slab let into the pavingOther than that, the statues are something of a mystery for visitors as there is little information shown on the plaque other than the list of […]

Fly-Tipping – Scourge Of Our Streets!

photo of litter bin and rubbish

There seems to be a perceptible increase in fly-tipping of late.  The fact that some people seem to be unable to recognise that dumping their rubbish in everyone else’s space is a distinctly unpleasant habit seems to pass them by.The strangest thing is that often the effort to get their rubbish into some of the […]

Friends of Dewsbury Park Mansion

photo of Dewsbury residents at the launch of Friends of Dewsbury Park Mansion

Dewsbury Corporation bought the Crow Nest estate including a large Victorian merchant’s home and 74 acres of surrounding parkland for the benefit of the people of Dewsbury back in 1893. For 120 years since 1896 the building commonly known as the Park Mansion has been home to Dewsbury museum and the focal point of Crow […]

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