Emmeline North

Emmeline North is an emerging multi disciplined artist, making her name with her large scale murals, and striking surface pattern designs.

Recent clients include:

  • Redbrick Mill, Batley
  • Selina Hotels Group
  • Wellspring Academy Trust

Originally working in surface pattern and design for interiors, Emmeline, or Charlotte as she is known back home in Leeds, studied printed textiles and surface pattern design at Leeds Arts University. 

Based at Redbrick Mill, Batley since 2013, Emmeline took her work from interior to exterior installation, completing her shipping container mural in 2019, later that year exhibiting her work at the New Designer’s in London. An explosion of pattern and colour, with products and surfaces created using sustainable materials and processes. 

Her work blends urban industrial landscapes with the natural environment through design and material application. Spanning both 2D and 3D surfaces and forms, graphic lines and geometric shapes next to biomorphic forms and textures demonstrating a vibrant yet sensitive use of colour. 

photo of Urban Jewel installation

Urban Jewel  104 sqm Courtyard Installation, Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

“As an 80's child growing up in Northern England, things were pretty bleak at times, you had to make your own fun, and find colour wherever you could.  

I remember painting my dad's old garage and turning it into a club where I could hang out with my friends, colour is so transformative, such a simple concept but such a mood changer.  

I love the idea of turning art galleries inside out by creating installations that can be enjoyed in everyday life”.

Her next installation is planned for summer 2021, back in the Yorkshire town of Dewsbury. 

Her design work will be featured in Alex Russell's Fundamentals of Printed Textile Design (second edition) due to be published in December 2021.