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is a community led project in partnership with the council to deal with the mess of litter and fly-tipping that has accumulated in our town particularly during the lockdown

With the shackles of lockdown being eased in the coming weeks we will have the opportunity to come together (socially distanced, no doubt!) and start putting things to rights. 

There are some big jobs out there and we aim to encourage community groups to come together to help each other and have a bigger impact.  We are also talking to the council about how they can support this community effort as part of both their Democracy and Active Citizens and the Safer Dewsbury strategy.

We are not alone

We are not alone and the Great British Spring Clean promoted by Keep Britain Tidy is tackling this problem across the country and is  scheduled for 28 May to 13 June.  That period covers 3 weekends so we are aiming to launch Clean & Green - Dewsbury with 3 litter picks on:

  • Saturday 29 May
  • Saturday 5 June
  • Saturday 12 June

Just 10am to 1pm - or even just an hour of your time will help!

Put those 3 dates in your diary - as days when you are going to do your bit to help others
 - who will then help you. 

What We Need To Do

  1.  Identify the 'grotspot' problem areas
  2.  Identify the community groups who are prepared to help
  3.  Work out with council officers where we need support with risk assessments, equipment, rubbish collection, Covid compliance etc.
  4.  Turn up and do it on the day(s)!

Problem Areas

With 3 litter picks and 3 wards in the town it makes sense to start with 1 pick in each ward. That spreads the benefits and nobody feels left out.  

Some of the grotspots are obvious but we are the ones with eyes on the  ground. We all see things every day that the council might miss. So tell us what bothers you most and we will assemble a map of Dewsbury (see below) showing all the grotspots that you identify.  After the initial launch we can continue to work through all the areas identified.

The Map so far:

Sorry, this isn't a fancy interactive map - yet. So you can't add your flags directly.  But send us the information and we will add your flags to the map.

Some of these areas are well known and need attacking every year. That's the purpose of Clean & Green, to establish a planned clean up programme throughout the year and every year.  Every year it should get easier as we learn how to deal with local issues.

How to tell us of an area you want cleaning up:

  1. Use the Kirklees app on your smartphone. Yes, Kirklees has an app!  One of the council's hidden gems that has yet to get the publicity it deserves.  It enables you to report issues directly to the council and covers rubbish, potholes, street lighting and a range of other problems.  Really useful and recommended!.
    Download the app from the Play Store.  Take a photo and the app records the location.  You can add some notes if you want.  You don't need to complete the part that asks who you are.  The council will share this information with us.
  2. Use the Contact page of this website.  Please be specific with your description of the location, use street names and junctions where possible. Remember, it might be familiar to you but completely unknown to us.   

Volunteers & Community Groups

We need help from everybody!  The whole point of Clean & Green is that many hands make light work.

To volunteer to take part please complete this registration whether you represent a community group, want to take part with your family (great education for the kids!) or just do it for yourself.

And don't forget, if you want help from others to clean up your patch then it makes sense that you help others with their problem.  

Like the grotspots we accumulate on the map, we will publish the list of supporting community groups so that everyone can see who their partners are in this joint effort.  We will also aim to keep you informed of other developments in the town. 

Working with the Council

The Dewsbury Partnership community group is working with council officers to identify how we can make this work as effectively as possible.  Working together will help us clean up the town while helping the council to be more effective with the resources they have available. 

The council will be making it as easy as possible for us to achieve our targets by helping us to meet all necessary safety standards, providing equipment and advice whenever necessary. 

Do It Now!

1. Click the big green button to volunteer and stay informed.

2. Tell us about the grotspots in your area - then we can add them to the list.

See you at the Great Dewsbury Spring Clean!

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