Covid-19 Community Support in Dewsbury

The Covid-19 coronavirus emergency has produced a great response from community groups, council and councillors offering support for those who need it.

Here’s an overview of how you can get help in Dewsbury - or volunteer to help those in need if you are able to do so.

You can download this post to print in hard copy and pass on to someone who does not have internet access.  

Kirklees Community Response

The Community Response system set up by the council covers all types of support.  It is important to register there to ensure you are on the records for the long haul. This emergency may go on for many months and while other local groups may offer practical help with shopping, deliveries etc they are unlikely to be able to deal with financial issues.

Click the button to go to: 

- or telephone: 01484 226919 if you do not have internet access and you are reading this in hard copy. This Helpline is open from 8am to 6pm weekdays. 

The council Hub for advice and volunteers covering Dewsbury and Mirfield is at the Greenwood Centre, Ravensthorpe.

Support by Ward

Dewsbury is split into three wards for council purposes, Dewsbury East, South and West.  See the maps below if you are not sure which ward you are in.

The backbone of the system will be the group in each ward supported by local ward councilors.  Check out the list below to find groups in your Ward.

The council is providing additional funding to the councillors in each ward and they are most likely to have access to the funds being made available by the council now and to any support that flows down from central government and then to local councils for distribution in the months ahead.  

Other community and Mutual Aid groups may be able to help with shopping, prescriptions, isolation and other needs. They may also have other funding sources and offer different services.  All groups are cooperating together.

Dewsbury East

Cllr Cathy Scott: 07786 983846 for food vouchers  

Cllr Eric Firth: 07870 219290 for food parcels
Hub location:

Chickenley Community Centre - do not visit without an appointment

Other help in Dewsbury East

Cllr Aleks Lukic: 07944 196000
Collecting shopping/medical/emergency supplies

Dewsbury South

Cllr Masood Ahmed - 07890 175365
Cllr Gulfam Asif - 07572 506463

Hub location
Thornhill Lees Community Centre - - do not visit without an appointment

Other help in Dewsbury South

Jackie Ramsay: 07540 985591 -
Kaushar Tai: 07813 811914 - 

Zakharia Masjid 

Shopping and any other reasonable help required
Call: 07459 290125 or 07405 187897

Barkat Batley

Free food for over 60s
Savile Town, Thornhill and Thornhill Lees only
Call 01924 454 388 for more information
Barkat deliver.

Dewsbury West

Cllr Mumtaz Hussain 07792 719807
Cllr Mussarat Pervaiz 07828 144029
Cllr Darren O'Donovan 07875 498564
Hub location : Dunromin Community Hub - do not visit without an appointment

Other help in Dewsbury West

0300 3020 786
Simon Cope:

All Areas

Some organisations for collections, deliveries, medication etc are providing service in all areas of Dewsbury and surrounding area. 

Helping the most needy including the homeless.  Helping the Elderly, struggling families, self isolated families.  We will deliver your food parcels to the door. No charge.
We deliver Batley - Dewsbury - Thornhill - Raventhorpe - Mirfield - Heckmondwike - Whitelee - Birstall - Morley - Borders Of Leeds - Wakefield.- Mirfield - Gomersal - Cleckeaton - Birkenahaw
Call: 01924 666 906 24hours 
Has volunteers available to work in all areas.
Contact: Tim Mulla

Tel: 07491 941620

Contact: Tanisha Bramwell
Tel: 07957 067469

Working across Kirklees, particularly Dewsbury, Batley and Mirfield
Contact: Sabiya Hussain
Office: 0300 3020 786
M: 07833 988786

Shops Delivering Food

Please use the Contact page to let us know of food shops providing a delivery service that can be added here.  This is for local traders - not supermarkets.  Support your local businesses now and they can be there for you in the future.  Don't expect perfect service - if you can get through on the phone they will tell you what they can do for you.  Expect a long queue!  

The Healthy Butcher, Foundry Street, Dewsbury: 01924 450525

Fruit & Veg
Ken's, Dewsbury Market: 01924 458484

Funding and Donations

All the local groups are in need of funding.  If you can do nothing else to help then please donate money through whatever system you find on their website or FB page.


Want to help?  You can volunteer:

There is still a good deal of confusion as many different organisations get themselves sorted out. So please don't get frustrated if you don't hear back immediately.

Errors and omissions

This is only the bare bones of what is happening in Dewsbury right now. If you know of a group providing support then please ask them to use the Contact page to get in touch and provide their details so that they can be included here. 

And please use the Contact page to let me know of any mistakes. 


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