Heritage Action Zone Consultation

The council together with Historic England would like to hear your opinion as well as ask for your help in a Dewsbury Heritage Action Zone consultation on Wednesday 21st November between 10am and 3pm when they will have a stall in the market.

What happens in the Heritage Action Zone is going to play a large part in how our town develops over the next few decades. Yes, I said 'decades'.  There are no quick fixes in this business.

Map of the Heritage Action Zone

Below is a map of the area designated as the Dewsbury Heritage Action Zone.  Are there any buildings or areas of interest to you outside this area? 

You can see here the buildings that residents have already expressed an interest in.  But they are not all within this area.  So what do you think should be done about them? 

map of Dewsbury Heritage Action Zone

So if you have anything constructive to answer to the following questions - or you just want to have your say in this Heritage Action Zone consultation -  then do please rock up to the market between 10am and 3pm on Wed 21st.

The HAZ team say:

What is this for?

We are carrying out ‘Historic Area Assessment’ to improve understanding of the historical origins, development, changing fortunes and condition of the Dewsbury Heritage Action Zone. This will help identify and prioritise action for buildings and sites that would best contribute to its regeneration and revitalization.

This work involves detailed assessment of individual buildings, as well as wider-ranging research into the history and development of the area as a whole, to produce a comprehensive account of the place, its heritage values and significance.  This is why we need your help!

What do we want to explore?

We’d like to invite you to think specifically about the streets and buildings:

  • Do you have memories, historical information or photographs of the area?

  • What do you value about the area and why?

  • Which streets, buildings, details, or views matter to you?  Are there buildings you don’t like, and why not?

More broadly we would also welcome your views on:

  • What improvements could be made to the historic buildings/streets?

  • What could help owners to improve maintenance and repair of the buildings?

  • Which empty sites, or sites in temporary use for parking, could be better used, and how?

  • Are there activities, events, services, facilities or spaces that could reinvigorate the area and improve its attractiveness as a place to live and work?

  • Is there sufficient understanding and information about the history of the area and its buildings available locally, and if not, how could that be addressed?

Want to download this document for easy reference?  
Click on the pdf download link.

If we​ can see it then it should be worth looking at!


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