Grant Support For Young People In Dewsbury

Does your child have some aptitude, ambition or need that you can't afford to pay for - but a grant would make possible?  A musical aptitude but you can't afford an instrument for them to play? Or a skill they want to pursue but you can't afford the equipment or there is no provision in your area?

There are two charitable Trusts available making grants to support aspiring young people in Dewsbury. Both of them available due to the generosity of Dewsbury residents and organisations that are no longer with us - but continue to support the young people of Dewsbury.

Grant from Norman Barnett Language Trust

Norman Barnett lived and worked in and around Dewsbury and sold ladies underwear on Dewsbury market from the age of 14 until he retired at the age of 80.

An avid traveller in his later years he left a substantial sum in his will to create a trust fund now named after him to encourage young people to learn a foreign language.

A grant from the Norman Barnett Language Trust is open to anyone who is resident within a five mile radius of Dewsbury Town Hall who is 24 years old or under on 31 December of the year in which the grant is awarded and who has demonstrated some ability in the study of foreign languages.

Disken Solicitors act for the Trustees. The Trustees normally meet in February each year to review the applications they have received.

To apply or for further information contact Sephie Collins at Disken Solicitors on 01924 464101 or

Grant from Dewsbury Endowed Schools Foundation Trust

Dewsbury Endowed Schools Foundation Trust makes grants to individuals and organisations to promote the education, including social and physical training, of persons between the ages of 7 and 25 years who are resident in the area of the former county Borough of Dewsbury.  This covers the areas of:

  • Boothroyd
  • Briestfield
  • Chickenley
  • Chidswell
  • Dewsbury Moor
  • Earlsheaton
  • Lower Whitley
  • Ravensthorpe
  • Savile Town
  • Shaw Cross
  • Thornhill
  • Thornhill Lees
  • Westborough with St John Fisher
  • Westborough High within boundary

Kirklees Metropolitan Council are the Trustees meeting 3 times per year and are advised by Dewsbury Endowed Schools Foundation Trust Advisory Committee.

You can apply online here 

Or click to download an application form

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