Events & Festivals

Dewsbury has a number of groups and organisations arranging events, both community based and commercial.  However, these tend to be focused on the specific aims of the individual organisation and with grant funding from the council drying up there is now an absence of events in Dewsbury to draw people together in the town. 

With a number of creative and performance groups based in Dewsbury including Creative Scene, Manasamitra, Callaloo Carnival Arts plus the Dewsbury Arts Group theatre company, Dewsbury Collegians Amateur Operatic Society and a wealth of other groups often representing the different ethnic groups in the town we must surely be able to put together a planned programme of performance activities and events on a regular basis. 

Two issues that emerge on a regular basis is that marketing of events that do occur in the town tends to be fragmented and uncoordinated - even to the extent of clashing on the same dates. 

As part of our aims, The Dewsbury Partnership is looking to help coordinate resources to make it easier to produce community events in Dewsbury.