The Dewsbury Parkathon

Yes, we know we just made up the word 'parkathon' but it seems apt to combine the idea of a half marathon with our local parks.

The Dewsbury Parkathon is proposed as an annual half marathon intended to:

  • Become a national event to bring large numbers of visitors to Dewsbury to boost the local economy.
  • Promote two iconic buildings of Dewsbury - starting from the Park Mansion and ending at the Town Hall - adding substantial footfall in both locations on the day.
  • Promote the individual parks within Dewsbury, some of which are little known or used.
  • Provide the opportunity for local groups to participate on a park-to-park relay basis.
  • Create the opportunity for local groups to create a fun event in their local park - held together by the thread of the main event.
  • Create the opportunity for fun running and fundraising for local groups



The template for the organisation already exists in the 10k and other events organised by local running groups throughout the year.  

However, it is possible that a major publicity effort to promote the event, attract both runners and sponsors, and engage the local community could both generate more volunteer support for race administration, promote running in the community and raise the profile of the local groups involved.

Local Engagement

The map is a first attempt at a route which totals approx 22km/13.6 miles - approximately a half marathon. It needs fine tuning for safety, manageability etc and to come out accurately at the required distance.

However, it illustrates that the following local parks can all be included:

  1. Crow Nest Park
  2. Dewsbury Country Park, Dewsbury Moor
  3. Holroyd Park, Ravensthorpe
  4. Overthorpe Park, Thornhill
  5. Rectory Park, Thornhill
  6. Savile Town playing fields
  7. Earlsheaton Park
  8. Caulms Wood, Crackenedge

- as well as running through some beautiful countryside vastly contrasting with the industrial heritage features of the town.