Principal town of North Kirklees . Home to two new College buildings in the Dewsbury Learning Quarter and new development opportunities as a part of the Northern Powerhouse.

HERITAGE: A historic market town, 19th century manufacturing centre of the Yorkshire Heavy Woollen District distributing woollen textiles to all corners of the British Empire.  First recycling centre in the world where 'mungo' and 'shoddy' cloths were developed, one of 14 founding members of the National Chamber of Trade in 1897, home to Dewsbury Minster, mother church of much of Yorkshire since the 13th century, and the Dewsbury Rams Rugby League team since 1898.

FOR WORK: A central location and high frequency rail services mean you can reach Leeds in 20 minutes and Manchester in 40 minutes - faster than you can drive there.

FOR PLEASURE: with the Yorkshire Dales to the north and Peak District to the south there is endless beautiful countryside within easy reach.


The Good Samaritan
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